2 – Car Park to Front Door and Reception

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Tel/Ansaphone: +44(0)1235 537020
Mobile: +44(0)7976 627252

2 – Car Park to Front Door and Reception

A large white sign with black text ‘Abbey Guest House’ sign identifies us at the entrance to car park from the parallel service road, 3 metre distant or the A4183 Oxford Road 21 metre distant.

There is a brass bell push button to left of front door and all guests are met here on arrival.

2a – Car Park

Level parking area surfaced in dark red brick paviers. 7 bays marked out with white lines and a 218cm wide pathway marked to keep access to the ramped path clear of vehicles. The maximum distance from any point to the front door is 12 metres.

One large bay is identified by a Blue Badge symbol when required and incorporates 218cm wide access path to base of ramp at front door. Another 2 bays have effectively 3.5 metres to one side to transfer to / from vehicle.

The service road outside the car park has access in both directions and some kerbside parking. Persons using larger vehicles or towing a trailer (for Mobility Scooter?) may find this convenient, so no reversing or manoeuvring in the car park is required. The distance to front door is then around 25 metres.

Abbey Guest House and 136 are written in very large black letters on a white background above the porch. The words are automatically illuminated at night.

A single 13cm high step up to a 117cm depth landing, assisted by white coloured handrails either side leads from the car park level to the front door and the Guest House floor level

A ramped approach alternative is adjacent, with a white coloured handrail to the left side only. The ramp has a 1 in 14 slope; up to a level turning platform for a right turn. Then up again to the level platform in front of the door through an 87cm gap between white columns. The total ramped length is some 3 metres.

2b – Front Door

The white painted front door is bordered by these white columns. An illuminated raised push button bell and raised brass 136 numerals are to the left side of the door. These are automatically illuminated by a light on the wall above and the down-lighter in the porch canopy above.

Going through the front door from the ramp requires a sharp left turn through the door gap of 76cm.

The door threshold has been removed and doorway mat recessed flush with floor.

2c – Reception

The hall inside leads direct to the lounge / breakfast room ahead with the reception hatch located immediately before the lounge doors on the right side. Here is a small counter and draw down hatch closure.

Proprietor: Mrs Terry Boswell
Abbey Guest House,
136 Oxford Road,
OX14 2AG

Tel/Ansaphone: +44(0)1235 537020
Mobile: +44(0)7976 627252

Email: info@abbeyguest.uk
Text Relay Dial 18001 before number

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