6 – Diet, Allergy, Mobility, Sensory and Medical Issues

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6 – Diet, Allergy, Sensory, Mobility and Medical Issues

Bullet point lists the key features and equipment follow. Feel free to request further information and always just indicate your wish to use any of the aids mentioned, if they are not already to hand.

Carer Support

Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have multiple beds. See Floor Plans for location.

None of the rooms have connecting doors.

6a – Dietary Issues

  • Vegetarian food items are always available for breakfast
  • Other diets are best notified in advance and all reasonable requests can usually be met
  • Food Hygiene – ‘Scores on the Doors’ Rating of 4 stars out possible 5

6b – Allergy Issues

  • No Smoking throughout all internal and external areas
  • All bedding is hyper allergenic
  • Hardwood flooring in hall, lounge / breakfast room and Room 6 – ‘Allergy Friendly’
  • Carpets are vacuumed each day
  • Dogs are only allowed if they are fully trained Assistance, Hearing or Guide dogs

6c – Sensory, Mobility Issues

Assistance, Hearing and Guide Dogs

  • Fully trained Assistance, Hearing or Guide Dogs are welcome. The rear garden is completely fenced in for security.
  • Other dogs are generally only allowed by special arrangement to limit any allergy issues
  • Dogs can be exercised along the service road or in the local parks with dog areas.
  • Owners will be expected to clean up after their dog with a plastic bag

Hearing and Acoustic Aids

  • Mobile induction loop for hearing aid users with a ‘T’ switch, at reception or in lounge
  • A neck induction loop for use with TV/DVD
  • Deafgard with vibrating, strobe and text alert action for alarm clock and smoke alarm
  • Door-knock signaller that flashes a light when there is a knock on the bedroom door
  • Paper pad, pen and clipboard constantly available at the reception counter
  • Pleased to converse via Text Relay or email.
  • Abbey Guest House is very quiet, being set back some 30 metres from the Oxford Road and behind conifer hedge around the car park and all windows double glazed
  • Soft furnishings dampen any echo’s of the walls
  • Background music plays gently in the lounge / breakfast room – easily turned off
  • Experience suggests conversations are not hampered by acoustic noise or reflection

Vision and Lighting Issues

  • Large print (16 point Arial font) information folder is always available in lounge / breakfast room
  • Access Statement and Information Folder available in various sized print fonts
  • All exterior signs are high contrast and illuminated automatically through the night
  • There are no glass screens to look through at reception or elsewhere
  • Key switches and items labelled with either a large font or a Braille label, sometimes both
  • Camera based text magnifier for use with bedroom TV and guest computer

Colour Schemes and Tonal Contrast

  • Bedrooms have, cream walls, one dark red feature wall, white ceilings and dark red carpets. Room 6 has hardwood floor and Room 7 has gold carpet.
  • Room 1 – ‘Easy Access’ and Room 3 – ‘Family Accessible’ wet rooms have dark blue features against white walls
  • Bedroom light switches are white with dark green fingerplate surround
  • Ground floor hall, upstairs corridor and lounge / breakfast room have oak hardwood flooring, dark cream walls and white ceilings
  • The stairs have red carpet
  • Doors are white with brass handles
  • Wardrobes are pale birch against cream walls.
  • Bedside tables are pale birch with dark green / dark grey glass surface
  • Bed linen is cream above dark red valance.


  • Hall has chandelier and ceiling spot lights
  • Lounge/ breakfast room has ceiling pendant lights, wall lights, and table lamps and daylight from wide French doors and 6 windows
  • Stairway and upstairs landing / corridor has ceiling spot lights and natural daylight from a 250cm by 130cm window
  • Bedrooms have large windows supplying plenty of natural daylight
  • Bedrooms have ceiling pendant lamps and wall mounted bedside lights
  • Bathrooms and wet rooms have ceiling spot lights and 3 have windows
  • Strip wall lights over the wash basin mirrors

Critical Dimensions – Gaps, Widths, Turning Circles and Distances

These have been measured for clear usable gap width, surface width or turning circles. The measurements are given in centimetres (cm).                   30 metric cm ≈ 1 imperial foot

See also the ‘Plan of Guest Areas on Ground Floor’ showing many key measurements

  • Path width from car park to rear garden terrace is 84cm and 5 metres long NB Future improvement – path width will be widened.
  • Landing outside front door: 86cm deep behind pillars or 117cm deep between the pillars
  • The narrowest gap through any doorway is 76cm
  • Lift is 90cm wide by 142cm deep
  • 142cm turning circle in ‘Easy Access’ bedroom
  • 115cm turning circle in ‘Easy Access’ wet room
  • 220 cm turning circle in ‘Family Accessible’ bedroom
  • 175cm turning circle in ‘Family Accessible’ wet room
  • 190cm turning circle in ground floor hall
  • 175cm turning circle in upper floor corridor
  • 150cm turning circle available in lounge / breakfast room
  • Gap in front of toilet to reach wash basin is 54cm in Easy Access Wet Room

6d – Mobility and Medical Equipment Loan, Repair and Purchase

Joncare is an Abingdon company that can arrange a comprehensive range of equipment repairs and purchase as required. Also, temporary free loans whilst items are repaired. Their Mobility Matters Independent Living Showroom is located at 7-8 Radley Place, Radley Road Industrial Estate, OX14 2RY. Tel: 01235 523353 and Fax: 01235 531019

Ability Matters is company with a small chain of showrooms. The local branch is based in Oxford where they can offer a wheelchair loan service. They also have a comprehensive sales outlet in their Oxford showroom at 332 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4TQ. Tel: 01865 242500

The Red Cross offers a Medical Loan Service in Abingdon. They are based at Red Cross House, Colwell Drive, in the centre of Abingdon, next to a McDonalds. Tel: 01235 552 644. Opening times are 1.30 to 3.45 pm

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